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Nonwovens are replacing traditional woven or knit textiles and finding new areas of application for itself every day. There is no doubt about increasing role of nonwoven roll goods in technical textiles as well. Nonwovens can be used as it is or together with another layer of material. Composite materials are engineered materials made from two or more constituent materials with different physical or chemical properties to make a synergism that produces material properties unavailable from naturally occurring materials. There are applications where TexGen media is used either as a matrix layer or a reinforcement layer of a lamination process. It is possible to make composite materials by means of heat sealing, calendaring, ultrasonic bonding, hot melt or powder coating and sewing. TexGen products made of polypropylene or polyester, serves several market segments. Polyester based TexGen media can be used as carrier for artificial leather, extrusion coating and laminated products that require high thermal stability and high temperature resistance for operational reasons. TexGen media developed for these applications provide virtually shrinkage free performance for smooth operations. It is possible to add features like hydrophilicity, UV resistancy, flame retardancy, anti-static property, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial characteristics. It is possible to make soft and drapable fabrics as well as hard and stiff materials. Any custom color is also available upon request.

Some of the most common TexGen applications can be listed as follows:
o    Coated fabrics and composites,
o    Laminated fabric end uses,
o    Extrusion coating,
o    Fabric Softener (dryer sheets)
o    Furniture construction sheeting,
o    Insulators,
o    Dust covers,
o    Shoe interlining,
o    Artificial leather,
o    Quilt backing,
o    Flanging,
o    Back sheet,
o    Mattress insulators,
o    Bedding,
o    Wallpapers,
o    Table clothes,

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