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Absorbent products are very important in the nonwovens business. Of the absorbent product applications, the baby diaper area is the largest volume user. However, applications in adult incontinence products currently show the highest growth in recent years. Top sheet (cover stock) is one of the major structural components of current diapers. In the diaper construction top-sheet is the layer that is in direct contact with baby's skin. Nonwoven materials used in baby diapers as top sheet are mostly spun bonded polypropylene. It is usually produced on a multi-beam system, as it is at Spunbond Manufacturers. Carded products have been replaced by Spunbond due to its cost effectiveness and other unique technical properties. Hy Gen brand polypropylene Spunbond can be treated to render hydrophilic properties cover stock applications. Permanent or non-permanent hydrophilic treatments are available. Recent developments in polymer and web forming technologies have improved web softness and can potentially reduce weights. The back-sheet cover stock media is the outer layer of a baby diaper which is in contact with the mother's hands. Textile-like back sheets are composites consisting of a HyGen layer and a breathable membrane. While Hy Gen nonwoven gives the textile feel, the breathable membrane provides the barrier property. With fine denier fibers and improved fabric uniformity, in some diaper constructions, Hy Gen products can also be used as leg cuff and barrier cover stock media.

Spunbond Manufacturers HyGen brand cover stock made of polypropylene Spunbond nonwoven are used in hygiene and personal care as top sheet and back sheet in the following applications:
•    Baby diapers
•    Training pants
•    Feminine care
•    Adult Incontinence

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