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Filter media are porous structures that are permeable to fluid/air flow but impermeable to particles such as dust and contaminants. Filters are often used to remove harmful substances from air or water. Choice of a filter media for a given task depends on four parameters: strength, compatibility, efficiency and capacity. Efficiency is the retention of particles in a target category. Capacity is the ability to "hold" previously removed particles while allowing further flow. A balance between particle capture and flow requirements must be met while ensuring integrity. Polyester (PET) has a high temperature rating and is widely used in commercial, industrial or residential air filtration applications. Gas turbine filters, dust collection filters, pleated panel filters are some of the most common types. Spunbond Manufacturers Filter Gen brand products designed for air filtration offers high air permeability, high strength and efficiency features. Micro filtration and Nano filtration applications uses Filter Gen media made of polypropylene or polyester continuous filaments as carrier and support media to give mechanical strength to composite media.
In the automotive field, cabin air filters are more in demand than ever before. A dirty cabin air filters can significantly reduce airflow from the cabin vents, as well as introduce allergens into the cabin air stream. There is a trend to use synthetic media instead of pleated paper because they are anti-bacterial, resistant to mildew and provide additional possibilities like using a composite with activated carbon layer. Spunbond Manufacturers offers filter media with high air permeability. As an option the Filter Gen can be anti-bacterial and treated to avoid fungi growth. In liquid filtration of the industry, Filter Gen media can be used as support media for pleated filter cartridge for liquid filtration using membranes. The uniform weight distribution, consistent web thickness and improved mechanical strength with the required stability allows filter producers to use it in increased hydrodynamic conditions. 100% synthetic filter support media made by chemically and thermally resistant continuous fibers are thermally bonded. Thanks to the bonding technology used, even though no chemicals and binders are used, there would not be fibers that stick out and any fiber leaks. These properties combined with controlled distribution of pore sizes avoid leachable into downstream process therefore making Filter Gen media a good casting substrate in liquid filtration.

100% synthetic Filter Gen Media made of polyester fibers are resistant to heat and abrasion can be used as media for oil filters. Especially, in the hydraulic oil filter manufacturing. Coolant and lubrication filtration fields can use Filter Gen synthetic media as well. Milling, grinding, cutting oils and washing solutions can efficiently be separated from particles in the coolant and lubricant fluids. The entire Filter Gen family is Eco-friendly. Filter Gen media is free of heavy metals, halogens and glass fibers. They are also incinerable; meaning it burns leaving almost no residues behind. Filter Gen Media can be statically charged, Filter Gen Media is pleatable, heat sealable and ultrasonic sealable, Filter Gen Media can be treated with anti-bacterial, is resistant to heat and abrasion and to chemicals. It is possible to obtain specific filtration performance parameters by changing the fiber size, fiber density, bonding area and basis weight of the Filter Gen Media. In filtration applications requiring enhanced chemical resistance Filter gen media made of polypropylene can be used. In addition to standard physical tests, Spunbond Manufacturers has the capability to do the following tests to be able to serve filtration market better:  Air permeability, mean pore size and pore size distribution, bubble point, pressure hold, hydrostatic head and fiber size. For more information on tests we make please see our page explaining quality control facilities.

Under the Filter Gen brand Spunbond Manufacturers can produce nonwovens and composite filter medias for the following filtration end uses:
•    Gas tribune filters,
•    Pleated panel filters,
•    Automotive cabin air filters,
•    Filter media for SPA
•    Oil and liquid filters,
•    Casting substrate for liquid filtration
•    Support media for pleated filter cartridges using membranes
•    Hydraulic oil filters,
•    Cartridges for heating and ventilating filters,
•    Technical & analytical filters,
•    Coolant and lubrication filters,
•    Dust collection filters,

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