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Use of nonwovens in automotive business segment is expanding more and more each day. Currently more than 40 automotive parts are made by using nonwoven fabrics. Nonwoven fabrics provide several advantages over woven and knit counterparts. Spunbond Manufacturers offers both PP and PET based fabrics for automotive applications. Polyester Spunbond are widely used in the automotive industry and they are easily customized. They can be molded and contoured to fit almost all interior, trim and or other complex surfaces. The uniform appearance of the fabrics not only serves to technical needs but also the visual expectations. Durable nonwoven fabrics have high strength and are resistant to abrasion. More importantly, nonwovens are very cost-effective because they generally weigh less then woven materials. Spunbond Manufacturers is, shrinkage-free, high-elongation polyester Spunbond nonwovens provide very good coverage at same performance allowing users to decrease the basis weight of the fabric with potential savings.

Spunbond Manufacturers AutoGen brand media are used in the following applications:
•    Secondary carpet backings,
•    Tufted carpet under padding,
•    Mold release applications
•    Hood liners and Headliners (Facings and backing substrates.)
•    Reinforcement layers,
•    Acoustic and thermal insulation media,
•    Door panel trim and backings,
•    Floor covers backing substrate
•    Seat cover slip sheets,
•    Transmission oil, motor oil and cabin air filters.

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